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Boxes and packing supplies

Boxes and packing supplies

Every successful and smooth move to a new place starts with the supplies and boxes for moving! Doubt that? Well, try moving and packing everything at least once in your life. But with an experienced moving company like Good Movers USA, you forget about the hassle! So, if you happen to look for a perfect packing agency, our San Francisco moving boxes are waiting for you!

Small box

Packing boxes of a small size fit perfectly different little odds and ends. However, it is a great option for books, kitchenware, toys, etc. These crates are practical for keeping everything organized and protected at the same time.

Medium box

If you keep worrying about your appliances or other bigger belongings, we have you covered. Our medium boxes, like a TV moving box, are made to secure your stuff during the move. And you can enjoy your favorite TV shows from your TV in a new home.

Large box

A real challenge starts when it comes to heavy items. Relax! Good Movers’ large boxes are up to this task as well! Bedding, clothing, appliances, everything will arrive at a new place in one piece.

Extra large box

In most cases, when it comes to heavy and extra-large belongings, people don’t even think about packing. We’ll stop you there! As, we offer heavy-duty moving boxes that are able to withstand the toughest moves and streamline the packing process in no time.

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    Boxes and packing supplies

    What we offer:

    Packing supplies

    Still looking for high-quality and durable packing materials in San Francisco? You’ve reached the right address to get the job done right! Good Movers USA packing supplies are designed to withstand all the rigors of moving and packing. They help you tackle the process with ease and confidence, even when it’s last-minute moving. Let’s find out more.

    Packing paper/Plain newsprint

    Among all moving supplies, packing paper and plain newsprint are must-haves! Our packing paper and newsprint are perfect for keeping items safe or just adding an extra layer of cushioning.

    Tissue paper

    Worried about fragile items? You shouldn’t! Good Movers USA tissue paper is excellent for wrapping such types of belongings.


    The durable and strong packing tape we provide is proof that your belongings stay in place and safe during the move.

    Bubble wrap

    Still not enough for your fragile items? With our bubble wrap, you get another extra layer of cushioning and get peace of mind while your stuff is being moved to a new place.

    Permanent marker

    Many of you may forget about such packing supplies as permanent markers. With those that Good Movers USA offer, labeling has never been so easy! Keep not only safe but organized during the move.

    Ready for a smooth move? Buy up our boxes and packing supplies for safe and easy packing.


    Our packing services offer boxes of different sizes and materials. The cost depends on their type, amount, size, and purpose. For an average studio apartment, you might expect to spend about $30-60 on moving boxes.

    The number of boxes needed for the move varies depending on the new home you are moving to. Different estimates suggest that a family of two might need approximately 25 small boxes, 35 medium boxes, 15 large boxes, 3 extra large boxes, and 4 special-purpose boxes. It is mostly defined by the number and type of belongings.

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