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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There are always some questions left when it comes to moving services. Why keep that curtain down? Let’s take you on a quick overview of the main questions customers ask and ease your choice of a moving provider.

Good Movers USA is different from other moving companies as our employees are specially trained and have top-notch field experience. We have the reputation of being reliable and professional movers. We always put our clients’ needs first, follow the highest standards, use the best quality materials, and handle moving and packing with the greatest care. When you choose us, you can rest and sleep well while we get your back covered with the whole move. Want a stress-free and smooth moving experience? You’ve reached the right address.

We provide moving cost estimates and quotes. It is based precisely on the requirements and characteristics of your move. When you provide precise information about everything related to the move, we are able to give the same precise quote on it. Remember to include the info about all items to be moved, their sizes, and specifics. We have no hidden charges, and our fees are based on distance, moving conditions, and your belongings to be moved.

Of course! Good Movers provides storage services as a part of our moving services and as a separate service if needed. We have all kinds of options to suit your needs: urgent, short- and long-term solutions for storage.

The cost of long-distance moves is based on the cubic feet of the items to be moved and the distance to be taken. There are specific belongings that require special care and might be charged differently.

Timelines for long-distance deliveries are completely individual. It is not even possible to set a fixed time of delivery. Everything depends on moving conditions, requirements of the move, amount of stuff, and their specifics. The average delivery time for long-distance moves ranges from a couple of days to several weeks.

COI is a Certificate of Insurance. This document ensures that a moving company has full insurance coverage for its services. It also shows that this coverage is up-to-date. Such COI is usually provided on demand to display the name of the insurance company, the policy number, the type of coverage, and the expiration date of the policy. Good Movers is a fully-insured moving company.

Yes, we do offer packing and unpacking services. We have a few packages of such services: full, partial, and custom packing and unpacking services.

A full package means that we provide full-cycle service: packing materials, packing all belongings, and unpacking.

A partial package of packing and unpacking services implies that you decide what we do for you, and we pack&unpack as many items as you need.

Custom packing and unpacking services are similar to partial. However, you may choose, for example, what type of items to pack/unpack. For instance, you offer Good Movers only for specialty items packing while you take care of the rest. Another example is when you want us to put boxes in the right rooms without unpacking them.

As we have mentioned earlier, we suit all customers’ needs.

No, furniture and debris removal is not provided as an additional service on a moving day.

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